An Enduring New Compass
An Enduring New Compass
Life Coaching for the chronically and invisibly ill

Life coaching for the chronically and invisibly ill

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Our Mission

An Enduring New Compass is a non-profit organization providing life/health coaching and resources to improve the lives of the chronically/invisibly ill and their families. We are dedicated to helping an under-served, forgotten people to again participate positively in their own lives, their family’s lives, and in their communities.


When I had no idea why I hurt so badly and felt at the end of my rope, conversations with Deborah changed my life. She encouraged me, with kind but firm insistence, how to get insurance again and gave me the gentle push, strength and knowledge to do it.

I was able to get state insurance and now have a treatable diagnosis! Without her knowledge and encouragement, I might still be lying in bed, feeling helpless and alone.

Betsy Mason, April 2019